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Ullulawl Origin

This ancestral cacao is the product of "Tuqtuquilal", a regenerative center that uses reforestation to empower cacao. The collective is focusing on the exchange of information to develop sustainable living solutions for the benefit of the local Q’eqchi community and visitors alike. The center is a start-up “not for profit” that grows cacao, without the use of agrochemicals. In 2019, the project empowered the creation of a cooperative of farmers gathering about 60 families in the area. 


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This cacao is grown in the mountain region of Alta Verapaz, close to the famous waterfalls of Semuc Champey, and at the mouth of the Lanquin River.

The collective’s focus on breed selection allows them to distribute highly aromatic criollo hybrid beans that are carefully fermented, dried, selected, and processed without the use of electricity.



    • Genetics : Blend of local hybrids. 
    • Flavor profile : Balanced, light fruity bitterness, smooth notes of vanilla and a touch of citrus.
    • Fermentation : 9 days in large woden box. moved twice/day. 
    • Type of environnement : Small villages on mountain side valley. Young fruit forest gardens, proximity with many viviendas, surrounded by wilderness. 
    • Region :  Alta Verapaz
    • Altitude:  300m 
    • Land Size : About 52 000 m2 divided in multiple parcels. 
    • Cacao Trees : About 30 000
    • Specificities : Cacao forest mixed with Q'eqchi village.
    • Ownership : 60 Q'eqchi families organized in a cooperative, managed by a regenerative center. 
               Workers  : 10 workers hired for harvest and maintenance. Paid 150Q/day. Workers are offered access to workshops 9 times/year.

Cacao Trees
52,000 m2
Land Size

Farm Description

  A regenerative center named tuqtuquilal that promotes community development through artisan production, organic agriculture, ecotourism and community education. They offer families that produce cocoa and other spices, the possibility of accessing an increasingly fair price for their raw materials. They strive to build intercultural bridges and social and physical infrastructure for a positive local impact.

Concept of the Project

Their goal is to regenerate the land, promoting sustainable  community development and entrepreneurship through ecotourism, artisan production, organic agriculture and education . Within their facilities they make a variety of products with raw materials (cocoa, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, among others) with a network of farm families that make up the "Red Ratzum Cacao", which was created as part of the community organization process.

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Give Back to farmer is an opportunity to value and recognize the hard work of farming communities. This donation will go into a community project co-created with Ulalawl Origin farmers to support a social or environmental cause in the community. At the end of each year, we will be meeting the farmers with the total donation to decide the project to be fund.

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