Cacao Source 

Jungle Immersion

9 days in the depths of the Guatemayan jungle


After offering the Cacao Source Training for 3+ years in Guatemala, we extended our training to an intensive in Guatemala's lush jungle in Alta Verapaz. Join us on-site at the cacao processing facility of our Ullulawl origin where you will be completely immersed in the cacao forests! The regeneration center Tuqtuquil'al (also known as "Ullulawl") is connected with 63+ Q'eqchi Maya families who produce cacao in the surrounding town, Lanquin. 

Next dates: February 23th- March 2nd 2024

Cacao Production

Meet a variety of Q'eqchi cacao farmers and learn from their experience and the land.

Cacao Processing

Learn hands on experience the art of fermentation, drying and grinding cacao-- from seed to block.

Q'eqchi fire ceremony

Connect with Mayan Wisdom keepers and the rituals guarded throughout the centuries.

Chocolate making

Visit a chocolate making facility in the heart of the Mayan land. Learn about different processes, inclusion of local community and the palettes of cacao.

Sacred Space 

Practice daily rituals with cacao in the jungle to deepen your connection to the medicine.


Deepen your respect to the medicine of cacao by honoring its history and the challenging path it went through before arriving to our hands. 

Connect to Nature

Gain hands on experience stewarding the land, and join us for some nature excursions that connect to beautiful places. 


Harness your voice and your message into a creative brand to share with the world.

What makes this course unique

Full immersion in the cacao jungle

The program is immersed in the rainforest amid cacao trees and features spacious time to connect.  

Create your ceremonial cacao

  • From pod to pure cacao paste, you will create your own cacao.

Hands-on experience

Emphasis on the hands-on experience of  cacao forest stewardship and cacao processing.

Chocolate making

An exploration of the science of making true chocolate and learn the bean-to-bar process. 

Intensive includes

What to expect for the Cacao Source  Training Intensive

Visit of cacao farmers

Bring some hiking boots, we will visit farmers in the Lanquin forests. Learn about their success and challenges. Understand deeper the value farmers bring into the availability of the cacao you find across the world. 

Processing cacao & Chocolate

We will process cacao from seed to a block. You will have the opportunity to experiment with the fermentation of cacao, drying, roasting and molding a block until we can serve the cacao on our final celebration night. We'll also learn the art of chocolate making from a facility in the Guatemalan cacao forests.

Sacred Space

Connect with the Mayan Elders, Cosmovision, and history to deepen your respect for the Mayan culture. As you deepen your understanding of cacao, you will better understand how to use this medicine as an ingredient in your personal work.

Deepen your connection to nature

Sink into the magic of the land and the medicine! The cacao forests are humming with life. You will have many opportunities to immerse yourself in nature with cacao, as well as giving back by tending the land, singing, dancing, praying, and drumming together. 

Logistics Includes

All included immersion in lanquin, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala


Rustic accommodation, private or shared cabins, with shared compostable toilets, at the beautiful Tuqtuquilal regeneration center. 


3 meals a day inspired by local cuisine. Cacao juice and cacao drink everyday. 

Transport from Antigua, Guatemala

A shared shuttle for all participants leaving early morning from Antigua (40 minutes from the airport) and coming back to Antigua.  

Why is it intensive?

During this training, we go deeper into the world of cacao. It is a week in a humid cacao jungle, a rustic environment, and immersive experiences. It is a perfect complementary training for participants of our Cacao Source training program which requested us to offer a second level to our training. 

You will get closer to the Guatemalan culture, the source of cacao, and weave these teachings into a beautiful dance that celebrates life.  


Day 1

Introduction Orientation
Intention setting
Opening fire

Day 2

Intention setting
Tour of Tuqtuquilal
Cacao processing
Fermentation process
Cacao as an ingredient to your personal work

Day 3

Intention setting
Visit of cacao farmers
History of cacao & the land
Fire & offerings

Day 4

Intention setting
Fermentation & drying cacao
The ecosystem of a cacao forest
Cacao as an ingredient to your sacred space

Day 5

Semuc Champey
Mayan fire ceremony

Day 6

Intention setting
Visit cacao farmer
Plant a cacao tree
Conversation with Mayan wisdom keeper

Day 7

Intention setting
Visit chocolate factory and Cahabon cacao project with white cacao
Fire & offerings

Day 8

Intention setting
Social entrepreneurship
Cacao roasting, grinding and molding
Tubing down Lanquin river
Sharing circle

Day 9

Intention setting
1-1 with Cacao Source team and Mayan wisdom keeper
Closing fire

Join our Cacao Source intensive program

When: February 23th - March 2nd, 2024

Tuqtuquilal, Lanquin, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

How Much
$1,600/Shared Room  
$1,900/Private Room *El Retiro Lodge

We offer a Covid-19 friendly 100% refundable option if you may not legally leave your country or Guatemala may not receive you.

We ask a $400 non-refundable commitment deposit. 
** If you cancel 1 month + before the training we refund everything except the commitment deposit.
*** If you cancel less than a month before the training, we refund half the payment.
**** If you cancel less than a week before the training, we do not offer refunds. 

The price does not include flights, transport to the Antigua, and personal purchase.