Cacao Source Training Program


7 days Cacao training in Guatemala to deepen your knowledge and connection with Cacao.


Connect to the Source of Cacao

22nd - 29th November, 2024 / Open fo​r registration  

Join us in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! We are accepting applications now for the Cacao Source’s Training! We will create a container for you to explore your own gifts and how you can bring them into Cacao circles wherever you go in life. We will share the secrets of Cacao– everything from where it comes from to how it is processed into a beautiful, heart-opening medicine. You will have the opportunity to connect more deeply to Cacao, yourself, and a community of Cacao lovers

The Experience

2 Farm Visits

We will be spending complete days at 2 different farms of the region of Suchitepequez, Guatemala. 

Mayan Cosmovision

We invite Mayan wisdom keepers to spend two days with us in order to share a fire ceremony and Mayan culture. 

Sacred Space

Explore the foundation of space holding and sharing Cacao in respect to cultures and traditions.


Beyond sharing an intellectual training, Cacao has its own work going on. You will deepen your connection with the Cacao spirit on a personal level. 


Honor Cacao by understanding its history and the complexity of its path until it arrived in your hands. 


Cacao in an agroforestry system is medicine for nature. Dive deeper to understand the functionality of Cacao in the forest and a tool for regeneration.


There's a science behind Cacao and a complexity in the medicine itself. Explore the functionality of Cacao and how to maintain it's physical benefits. 

Social Business Design

Share Cacao with an ethical business system that allows you to give back and respect the hands that produce the Cacao.

What it include​s

Learning Curriculum

You will learn about the history, cultural & environmental aspects of Cacao in order to feel confident sharing your knowledge with friends & communiy.

Practical Experiences

You will visit 2 of Cacao Source’s farms and connect with the origins of the medicine. You will experience a variety of Cacao ceremonies and discover cultural & environmental aspect of cacao.

Community & Activities

Enjoy daily yoga, evening fires, solitude time on the Lake & much more! Discover Santiago famous Mayan market. Connect with Cacao Source core team, and 15 other participants.

Food & Accomodation

Spend 7 days living on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala at the Mystical Yoga Farm-- a peaceful and communal environment. It includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

The Venue


 Next course:   November 22nd - 29th, 2024 (7 days)

Where: Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlen, Guatemala

How Much:
$1,550/Shared Room  
$1,650/Private Room

We offer a Covid-19 friendly 100% refundable option if you may not legally leave your country or Guatemala may not receive you.

We ask a $400 non-refundable commitment deposit. 
** If you cancel 1 month + before the training we refund everything except the commitment deposit.
*** If you cancel less than a month before the training, we refund half the payment.
**** If you cancel less than a week before the training, we do not offer refunds. 

The price does not include flights, transport to the lake (included boat from San Marcos/San Pedro to Mystical Yoga farm) and personal purchase at Santiago Market.