Cacao Source applies the principles of permaculture to social business: We create a symbiosis between the beings who want to collaborate. Together, we are birthing a brand that connects small-scale farmer communities and Kaqchikel women’s chocolatier collectives, with worldwide ceremonialists and cacao lovers.


Our social business focuses on co-creation, transparency, information sharing, and authentic quality.

Cacao Source was founded in May 2019 by Jojo and Doro, two cacao enthusiasts who found their reverence for cacao in the rainforests. Together, they are weaving their knowledge of mindfulness, global politics, ecology, permaculture, Mayan wisdom, gastronomy, and ceremony.

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Ceremonial cacao delivered at your home


Cacao Source is...


Local Farmers

The farmers we collaborate with independently own their farms to produce organic cacao. We work currently with 3 different farms around Guatemala.


Women Collectives

The women's collectives we support artisanally process the cacao. We work with 3 different women's collective around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


International Team

The project Cacao Source is a co-creative project between 3 cacao enthusiastic friends that wanted to connect the local community with international cacao lovers.