Honor & share Cacao from the Mayan lands

Builk & wholesale cacao produced, processed and shipped from Guatemala

Cacao for Social Change

Did you know that by supporting Cacao Source, you are supporting over 256 indigenous women and farmers of Guatemala?
Thank you!

Ceremonial Cacao From Guatemala

To ask for a customized order/ quotation, send an email to: sales@sourcecacao.com
All prices includes shipment cost. It does not include custom fees of your country. 

Cacao Personal User - 10 lbs

The seed has been planted. Explore Cacao Source and its variety of farm origins. Access our introductory ‘Seed to Ceremony’ online course and learn the fundamentals of cacao. 

FREE: Seed to Ceremony Online Course Module

10 lbs+ (Ask for a quotation)

Rooted in Cacao - 25 lbs

You have rooted your love for cacao. You desire to deepen your connection with it and share it with your community and loved ones. Choose your favorite farm origin and enjoy its nutritional and energetical richness.

25 lbs+ (Ask for quotation) 

Ceremonialist - 50 lbs 

You are encouraged and elevated by the spirit of the cacao, and you decide to level up. You know that everyone you meet will be inspired by your stories of cacao that they too will want to enjoy this amazing medicine food. 

50 lbs+ (Ask for quotation)

Cacao Distributor - 100 lbs

Have no doubt—the cacao distributor never runs out! We are so grateful for our distributors for being ground anchors in sharing this magical seed with the world! Distributors have access to wholesale prices on cacao.

100 lbs+ (Ask for quotation)

Cacao Source in-person Courses

With Cacao Source team, we are honored to share our knowledge as a Cacao production social business with you.

In-person Cacao Source Training November 2024

November 22nd-29th, 2024 

Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan

7 days all included
Choose your preferred accommodation


In-person Cacao Production Training 2024

December 5-8 , 2024 

San Marcos la Laguna 

Day course: 

4 days from 9 am- 5 pm
*Farm tour from 7am- 7pm

Including lunch

Cacao Source Online Courses

Learn at your own self-pace about cacao. With the team of Cacao Source, we have gathered all our knowledge together in order to offer you a quality educational experience from your home. 

Online Cacao Source training - 7 modules

Self paced course you can learn about Cacao from anywhere. It includes all 7 modules which will support your growth and knowledge in the field of Cacao. 

Online Seed to Ceremony Module

Self pace course introducing the 5 keys to ceremonial Cacao, from the seed of cacao to a ceremony. 

Cacao History Module

Self pace course to learn more about the history of cacao & meso-america. This deeper understanding of the history with support you to respect further the origin of cacao

Cacao Ecology Module

Self pace course to learn more about the ecology of cacao. You will learn more about the role of cacao in its ecosystem.

Cacao Medicine Module

Self paced course to introduce you to the medicine and science of cacao. Deepening your understanding of cacao as medicine. 

Social Business Desgin

Self pace course introducing a social business design to create your dream ethical project with cacao. 

Sacred Space Module

Self pace course introducing sacred space holding. Learning to share cacao with your community in an intentional and integral way. 

Cacao Entrepreneur  

Self pace course to start your cacao project. Exploring the logistics and technical aspects to sharing cacao. 

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