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Panan Origin

“Panan”  comes from the vocable “Pa Nana” which means “for the mother” from the Tz'utujil “Nana” for the mother or the woman space holder. 
Neighbor to Chicacao this village was probably an ancient place of devotion to the sacred feminine, before colonization. The Name “for the mother” in an ancestral Cacao producing region lets us guess that in ancient times there may have been certain altars and ceremonies specially dedicated to feminin and motherly entities in the area. As it was often times the case in Cacao forest in that region, were cacao was commonly associated with goddess figures. 


Meet your farmers!

Jose Luis Ovalle, Alba Laeticia and their daughters Alba Dalila and Mariza Maribel are our main contacts from this family collective. The family owns two medium parcels nearby the village, in the middle of a big patchwork of small parcels owned by many different families. They have a beautiful understanding of social ecology and its issues in the region. We believe they could have a great influence and play a role of exemple in their neighborhood. And that is why we decided to start supporting them. Also in the hope of supporting more farmers around them, before they are tempted to sell their lands to the monocrop industries.



    • Location : San Miguel Panan Suchitepequez 
      Main contact : Jose Luis Ovalle, Alba Laeticia and his daughters Alba Dalila and Mariza Maribel. 
      Fermentation : 6 days of fermentation in buckets. 
      Farmers : 6 people working all year long. 
    • Workers : 2 more per season (two month per year), paid 75q/day for 7h of work.
    • Size of the land : about 3.5 manzanas, 55 cuerdas (de 25 barras) 
    • Number of trees : about 1000
    • Altitude: 500m 
    • Other trees on land : Banana, rambutan-lichas, voladores, zapote, palo blanco, avocado, plumillos, cedar, mahogany, fishtail palm, nance, slime, coconut.

Cacao Trees
24,458 m2
Land Size

Farm Description

Their cacao is beautiful, the cacao forests have been in the region for generations and show signs of the local criollo strains.

Sadly these forests are slowly disappearing, cut down and replaced by monocultures of rubber and cane sugar, or simply badly managed based on false beliefs about why the forest is intoxicated. In reality it is because of pollution, bad management, monoculture, deforestation and drought. 
Thankfully, some families, like the one of Jose luis, understand the root of the problem and bring the intention to protect and preserve the jungle. We believe that supporting them will nourish sustainable models and the network of change makers that implement them in the region.

Our relation

Since we started working with them in 2021, they have brought back more efforts on the land, planting trees, maintaining and harvesting it. Giving it value and diversifying their production there. Thanks to this income they don’t have to be looking for other ways of earning money and they can focus on taking care of their land and processing their harvests. They hope that we will keep on working with them and buying at the same price so they can keep on investing time and energy on that land. 

Thank you Panan Farm!

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Give Back to farmer is an opportunity to value and recognize the hard work of farming communities. This donation will go into a community project co-created with Panan Origin farmers to support a social or environmental cause in the community. At the end of each year, we will be meeting the farmers with the total donation collected to decide the project to be funded.

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