Top 3 Ceremonial Cacao Drinks
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Top 3 Ceremonial Cacao Drinks

You have all of these graciously perfumed ceremonial cacao blocks in your kitchen –waiting for you to make a chocolatier of yourself, and bless your people with the smoothness of your cooking skills– what a precious gift from the heart of the jungle, my friend!

Let the warm aromas wrap your creativity up with cozy nourishment. Allow the beauty of your epic life to meld with the intensity of flavor, relevance, and raw power in this food of the Gods and Goddesses. 

Suddenly, so many options are offered to you on a golden platter: 
What will you do with this, unaltered- pure paste ? How will you accept the challenge of meeting your own expectations about deliciousness?
Well, with pure ceremonial cacao in your hand you are tacitly invited to choose from a wide variety of culinary options.

Even if cacao can be quite delicious in itself, you have raw material in your hand. Its flavor is bitter, and acidic and its texture quite pasty. It’s pretty far from your typical chocolaty “finished product”. This is an invitation for you to take power over your capacity to create your own “finished products”.

Out of it you can make: chocolates, truffles, creams, cakes, smoothies, hot drinks, cold drinks, shots, spreads, sauces… and the list goes on… Excuse my French, but you have to know that there are SO MANY ways to alchemize cacao!

Just starting with drinks there is an infinite variety of possibilities, as I have shown with my DIY cacao drink tutorial on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swtnMgGaTRE&t=8s

So here, are a few recipes to get you started on your journey as a pro cacao alchemist. But before you go, just know that a pure -cacao and hot water- drink, maybe with a little honey, is already in itself a grandiose beverage that anybody with a sound mind should experience. And it’s maybe the best option to note and taste clearly the singularities of each single origin cacao. And their singularities are magnificent, each terroir really has its identity. 

1) Fruity Rose – Served cold 

One of the strongest yet smoothest heart activating potions on earth.
Combining the powerful magic of our two main ingredients, two incredible allies : Cacao and Rose. Two incarnations of the sacred feminine in fantastic plants, offering complementary flavors and activations.
The other ingredients in this brew will also activate the movements of fluidity, transformation and infinite potential in your being.
Balanced between the creaminess of cashew, the elevating spike of ginger and the voluptuous vivid acidity of the berries. Watch out, this potion will surprise, delight and nourish intensely at the same time.
You can bring it to a hot summer celebration of human’s grace in its cold version. But you can also serve it hot if it suits your purpose better, it will still be delicious/glorious.


  • For one to two servings.
  • 25g – Cacao 
  • 10g – Cashew butter  
  • 2 pinches – Cinnamon powder 
  • 1 pinch – Ginger powder 
  • 1 pinch – Vanilla powder
  • 1 spoon – Red berries jam 
  • 5 drops – Rose essence 
  • Ice (Choose how cold you want the potion) 
  • Water (the water ratio will define the thickness of your potion)


Melt the cacao in a double boiler, add the cashew, cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, let sit and stir delicately for at least 10 mins (or much longer if you wish. The longer the better). Infuse your blessings. Pour in a blender, and add the rest of the ingredients (rose, jam, sweetener, ice, and water). Blend. 

Savor within the grace of the Rose.


2) Could You Bee Love– Served hot

Imagine that you have in your hands the heart of the jungle’s essence. Sprouted into a magical fruit, which seeds were transformed with such care. Then -to it- you add the medicine that was crafted meticulously out of hundreds of blossoms for days and days by the flower fairies called bees.
And on top of that, you add the creamy butter that was ground of thousands of little seeds full of life, sun and nourishment.
Let me assure you that the potential properties of such a concoction will spiral way past our understanding.
The ginger in this recipe is optional, but I like to integrate it and add a fiery dimension to this cosmic association of nature’s treasures. It will ground the very elevated power of the other ingredients and make it even more dynamic.
I recommend this potion for the days and nights of very high vibrational work.  

You may now become a flower of life.


For one or two servings 

  • 25g – Cacao 
  • 10g – Tahini 
  • 5 pinches – Ginger powder 
  • 1 spoon – Bee pollen 
  • Water (the water ratio will define the thickness of your potion)
  • Sweeten to taste with honey/coco sugar/maple syrup 


Put all the ingredients but the water in a blender : Boil the water, let cool down until it stops boiling to obtain an optimal temperature close to 100°C. Add the water in the blender. Blend (be careful with the pressure of vapor when blending hot liquid).

Let yourself be spiked by the power of love .


3) Cashew Flowers – served hot 

Cacao is one of mother nature’s strongest activations for us humans. But sometimes it can also serve our need for calm and restoration as a vector for relaxing power and calming integration. Ancestrally, cacao has oftentimes been combined with flower medicines, as a divine carrier for their gracious gifts.
Here I am combining Cacao with three immemorial masters, guides for human appeasement and allies to their divine abilities.
The Mary Jane, the Lavender and the Chamomile. They also are probably some of my favorite beings on this planet. The amount of benevolence they express towards us may be measured by the spectrum of beneficial properties they offer us. In my humble opinion.
That’s why we need to calm down, slow down, anchor down. Reassess our connection to Nature as a collective. And let the plant masters guide us towards peace and harmony. Learn how to read their fascinating teachings with respect.
And also plant them all over the place like mad gardeners.
But coming back to this brew, you can also serve it with one flower at the time. You don’t have to put the three of them all at once. Depending, what work and what energy you would like to infuse in the bodies that will drink the potion.
The flower’s grounding powers may foster abundance flow.


For one or two servings 

  • 25g – Cacao 
  • 10g – Cashew 
  • 1 pinch – Cinnamon 
  • 1 spoon – Chamomile
  • 1 spoon – Lavender 
  • 3 drops – CBD oil 
  • 2 dried dates
  • Water (the water ratio will define the thickness of your potion)
  • Sweeten to taste with honey/coco sugar/maple syrup 



Boil the water, turn off the fire, add the flowers (chamomile and lavender), and let them sit in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.  Strain.  Reheat the tea until it simmers.  Put all the rest of the ingredients (cacao, cashew, cinnamon, CBD oil) in a blender.  Add the tea, and blend (be careful with the pressure of vapor when blending hot liquid).  Serve hot.

Witness the flow of blooming flavors in your being. 


Now, the keys are in your hands. It is time for you to make a lab of your kitchen, experiment with these formulas and let us know how they taste to your tongue.

If you have more appetite for recipe examples, let us know by email (cacaosource@gmail.com) and we can send you our mini recipe ebook.

We recommend taking time and creating space to serve these recipes and preserve them for special occasions. Or for the days of physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual activation.
Of course, you want to consider that these recipes are highly nutritious and energizing. Be careful about the moment of the day/night that you serve them and make sure to be aware of the state of the digestion health of the people you are serving them to.

We can’t wait to receive your feedback about these recipes and wish you a fantastic cooking and serving experience. To find out more about ceremonial cacao drinks, visit our library -> https://sourcecacao.lowthian.org/library/ceremonial-cacao-drink/

We are currently putting together a book of recipes, watch out for its release!

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