Springs Cacao Origin
A Symphony of Nature's Abundance

The Springs Cacao origin captivates us with its breathtaking beauty, making it our preferred destination for immersive tours. Nestled beneath the verdant canopy of Cacao trees, we connect with the essence of the rainforest, savoring the richness of the surroundings while cradling a cup of Cacao close to our hearts. Discover this enchanting experience for yourself by joining our exclusive tour:


Springs of Life

True to its name, literal springs emerge from the Earth, nurturing not only the Cacao trees but also the diverse wildlife that calls this land home. During the rainy season (May to November), one of these springs transforms into a mesmerizing waterfall, crafting a seasonal creek that weaves through the landscape like a work of art.

A Symphony of Crops & Cacao

Beyond Cacao, Springs is a tapestry of agricultural diversity. Coffee, bananas, citrus, breadnut, and pataxte—the rare cousin of Cacao—all thrive in this unique tropical coolness. The property's ornamental fruit trees and timber trees contribute to the vibrant mosaic of the area, revealing a hidden oasis of abundance.

Cacao Farm - Embracing the Wildness

At first glance, Springs may seem like a wild forest, but within its density lies a thriving farm. Teeming with insect life and resonating with the melodies of birds, Springs leans towards a more bitter profile. This bitterness, a result of secondary metabolites acting as a defense mechanism, becomes a testament to the warrior-like spirit evoked by the wildness and resilience of the jungle.

A Collaborative Legacy

Springs is not just a farm; it's a collaborative effort of five Mayan families. Each family owns their land, working together to cultivate, ferment, and dry organic cacao seeds. These seeds embark on a journey to women's collectives in Lake Atitlan, creating a sustainable cycle of cultivation and collaboration.

Meet the passionate guardians of Springs—Juan, the landowner; Cheyo, his son; and Byron, a family friend overseeing fermentation. Their commitment to rainforest conservation and warm hospitality welcomes guests from around the world to their secluded village, Las Victorias.

Suchitepequez: Flowering Mountain

Situated in the Suchitepequez, a Tzutujil name translating to "Flowering Mountain," we source three of our origins: Springs, Mama Amor, and Panan. This lush mountain range facing the Pacific was once a hub for Cacao production in Central America. Today, pockets of family farms continue to practice traditional Cacao cultivation, surrounded by food forests and thriving biodiversity.

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