Self-Mothering ritual with Cacao
Be your own Mother assisted by the love of Ceremonial Cacao

The term "self-mothering" is becoming more and more popular. It refers to the ability to take care of oneself, meet one's own needs, and be one's own mother. It is associated with self-care practices and healing from childhood experiences. It brings comfort, sweetness, and acceptance to the present moment.

Mother's Day can be the perfect time to have a self-mothering ritual. Whether our mothers are not present in our lives or because we wish to cultivate a deeper relationship with our own mothering capacity, this celebration can serve as an opportunity to spend valuable time with our own presence.

Cacao, with its maternal and loving energy, can accompany us in this moment.

How to Perform a Self-Mothering Ritual with Ceremonial Cacao?

a. Prepare a cup of Cacao with the intention of taking care of yourself

Ask Cacao to cultivate in your heart the qualities of a mother who knows how to support, nurture, and love. Set the intention in your Cacao to learn to be your own mother.

Include ingredients in your recipe that remind you of or connect you with the taste of compassionate, responsible, and complete love. For some people, it may be floral aromas, for others, corn, for others, honey. Use the ingredients that resonate with your heart intuitively.

Take your cup of Cacao and feel how it nurtures all aspects of your existence: Feel the warmth of your cup of Cacao. Bring it close to your heart. Take small sips of your drink and pay attention to how Cacao nourishes your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Express gratitude for its nourishment and for your ability to experience love and care.

b. Rest and listen:

Part of the maternal medicine of Cacao is that we can receive all of its love, nourishment, and care without any effort. So after drinking your Cacao, create a situation where you feel safe and where you can rest. Light some incense, immerse yourself in water, wrap yourself in a blanket, enjoy your presence in a soft and welcoming environment.

Rest. Give yourself time to be with yourself, your breath, and your heart.

c. Connect with your own motherhood:

Once Cacao is in your system, you may feel the opening and softening of your heart. Allow Cacao to show you how to take care of yourself. Offer yourself a massage with gentle touch, a warm bath, a nutritious snack, words of affirmation, a moment of non-judgmental expression, a time for reading, or anything else you want or need.

Be your own mother. Take care of yourself as you would have liked to be cared for or as you would like to be cared for right now.

d. Express gratitude and Enjoy:

Symbolically close this time of self-care by expressing gratitude to yourself, your own motherhood, and Cacao.

Feel the difference in your body, mind, and heart. Enjoy the loving effects of Cacao and the reconciliation with motherhood in your life.


Cacao, the medicine of Unconditional Love, often shows us the path of Self-Love. Self-mothering is a profound practice to connect with this wisdom, and Cacao is the best ally to offer us spaces of safety, nourishment, compassion, and beauty.

Mother's Day is just an excuse for this celebration. But this ritual can be a recurring practice of self-care and healing.

Let us know about your own self-mothering rituals with Cacao.

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