“Give Back to the Source”: Cacao Source’s NGO
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Give Back to the Source is a non-profit organization that opens a channel for all  cacao enthusiasts, environmental conservationists, and indigenous rights advocates to contribute to the growth of Guatemala's regenerative movement. The land of Guatemala has been exceedingly generous to us, supplying our project with high-quality cacao in abundance. It has felt essential to reciprocate this generosity, fostering a shared sense of abundance with both the land and its caretakers. Give Back to the Source is the realization of a long-held dream.

With the Cacao Source team, our objective is to honor and show deep respect for the land and the people behind the cacao we all hold in such high regard. We've dedicated ourselves full-time to being present in Guatemala, actively collaborating with local cacao farmers and women's collectives. As Cacao Source expands, it remains of greatest importance that the farming communities grow alongside us.

That’s why we created the Give Back to the Source NGO: so we can develop and sustain high-impact projects in the farming communities that support our work in Cacao Source.

What do we do at Give Back to the Source? 

We empower rural communities in Guatemala through women's economic empowerment, the diversification of agricultural fields, and international advocacy programs.

​We provide capacity-building workshops for value-added products sourced from sustainable local yields. Our programs are inclusive, involving both women and men. We collaborate with small and large-scale farms to diversify their agricultural fields, offering them knowledge, methodologies, and a network to enhance their efforts.

In addition to our local work, we recognize the importance of educating the global community about the significance of labor in farming fields, ensuring that prices genuinely reflect the value of these products.

What have we done as an organization

Over the course of our first year of operation, our NGO conducted a one-month bamboo craft workshop with indigenous women from La Union farming community. Sixteen women successfully completed the workshop and are now prepared to continue honing their newfound skills.


We raised over $15,000 USD in funds, and with the assistance of the 16 women who completed the bamboo craft workshop, we will soon commence the construction of an eco-artisan women's center on the outskirts of Chicacao.

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Empowering Global Awareness

In addition to our local work, we recognize the importance of educating the global community about the significance of labor in farming fields, ensuring that prices genuinely reflect the value of these products.

With Cacao Source we stay committed to give back at least 5% of our profits to Give Back to the Source and invite any cacao entrepreneurs to do the same!

How did all begin?

Although we are a cacao project, it was crucial for us not to limit our focus only to cacao. Our aim is to mirror the diversity of the fields cultivated by the farmers we support. We are firm believers of agroforestry systems and diverse ecosystems, and we are determined to ensure that our actions align with these principles.

Before we initially considered establishing a non-profit organization, we were actively exploring opportunities for collaboration with pre-existing ones. With several years of experience in the Suchitepéquez region, we were in search of a project that championed environmental conservation and the well-being of local farming communities. After extensive research, we realized that we couldn't find a project that perfectly aligned with the impactful vision we had in mind. Consequently, we began to formulate the concept of an organization that we dream of seeing come to life in the region.

Cacao Source's co-founder, Laurence, submitted an application for a one-year social impact program in India, showcasing the Give Back to the Source project. Her application was accepted, and she dedicated more than a year to nurturing and expanding the organization. Laurence also established a board in Guatemala to ensure the project's mission of returning value to the land and the people of Guatemala was safeguarded.

our ngo's  future

Our dream with Give Back to the Source is to witness a thriving rural Guatemala where resilient income is generated through diversified yields, women actively participating in their community's economy, and an international community that values their products and pays a fair price

Get Involved!


Evrey donation is going a long way. We invite you to donate directly to one of our funds or to the organization. We strongly support montly donation as it allows us to create a sustainable future with calculated budget plan for our programs. This being said, a one time donation or a cacao tree is very impactful .Thank you very much for the trust and consideration for the work we do.


Learn more about Give Back to the Source at  www.givebacktothesource.org
or Follow us on Instagram as @givebacktothesourc


Working together is key for impactful work. We welcome all NGO's, social projects, social visionaries or impact makers to reach out to us if you have a common vision. 


We welcome all skill sets that would input in our mission to share vision to create a better future in small scale organic cacao indigenous communities of Guatemala. Most skills we are looking for are in online development but as well open to what you have to offer!

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