El Cedro
Un viaje al corazón de El Cedro Origen

From river to rainforest: 

The harvest of cacao from El Cedro

In the heart of El Cedro, a community along  Río Dulce at Izabal, Angel and his wife Irma cultivates exceptional cacao. This creamy and woody cacao, with hints of banana, reflects dedication and hard work.
To reach El Cedro from Guatemala City, take a 6-7 hour bus ride to Río Dulce, followed by a 1-hour boat trip to the community. El Cedro is surrounded by lush tropical jungle, creating a majestic setting.

 Angel's Story

 the Guardian of El Cedro

Angel, a dedicated individual, Angel has cared for his 700 cacao trees for the past six years. El Cedro community, named after the surrounding cedar trees, is devoted to sustainable practices and cultivates a variety of plants, including Mahogany, Laurel, Plantain, Banana, Yuca, Milpa, beans, Jackfruit, and Rambutan.
For each delivery, Ángel and Irma wake up at 2 a.m. to have breakfast and coffee to begin their adventure. Ángel paddles for two to three hours in the river, carefully navigating the springs and waves, to make the delivery by 6 a.m. at the dock. This harvest then travels by truck to Guatemala City and further transportation to Antigua Guatemala, where Contour Lines conducts a quality check before the final delivery to Lake Atitlán for our production center in San Marcos La Laguna.