Celebrate Mother's Day with Ceremonial Cacao
3 Ideas to share with our Mothers the unconditinal love of Cacao

Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. People from all continents honor and appreciate their maternal figures on the second Sunday of May, expressing gratitude and love.

At Cacao Source, we appreciate and celebrate all types of motherhood. We believe that Mother's Day is an opportunity to give thanks for the presence, nurture, and care we have received from the maternal figures in our lives. This type of love can come from Mother Earth, spiritual figures like the Virgin Mary, our friends, sisters, grandmothers, biological or adoptive mothers, or even from ourselves.

Therefore, today we would like to share some ideas for celebrating the lives of our maternal figures with Ceremonial Cacao. We believe that the gentle, loving, and healing medicine of Cacao can be perfect for sharing with our moms.

If your mothers have passed away or if you wish to connect with your own maternal energy, we also provide a Ritual for Self-Mothering here.

Idea #1: Share Cacao in an Intimate Setting

Sharing Ceremonial Cacao with our family (whatever that means for us!) is a way of promoting health and healing. By sitting together in the presence of Cacao, we can allow its loving medicine to soften us and open us to the experience of Unconditional Love. Through this sharing, we can see our family through eyes of gratitude, beauty, and forgiveness. Being fully present, we can enjoy and express what unites us: gratitude and love.

Sharing Ceremonial Cacao to celebrate Mother's Day could include the practice of preparing a cup of Cacao with intention.

At Cacao Source, we always recommend setting an intention before enjoying each cup of Cacao. In the presence of our mothers, we can set the intention to celebrate them and connect with their love.

During the preparation of the drink, we can add other soothing ingredients, such as rose petals and/or honey.

After preparing the drink, we can raise a toast and bless the opportunity to be together.

Idea #2: Bring a Cacao preparation to a gathering with extended family

If we don't have the opportunity for an intimate encounter with our mothers but will be gathering with more people, we can bring Cacao to share. We can bring it as a hot or cold beverage, as bliss balls, or as a dessert.

While sharing it, we can express our intention to give thanks and connect with the gifts that all the motherhoods in the group have brought us.

Cacao can be a gift solely for the mothers or a gift of connection for the entire family. Cacao is also a way to celebrate!

Idea #3: Send a Gratitude Gift with Cacao

If physical distance separates us from our maternal figures, we can still show our love from afar. We can send them chocolates prepared with Cacao or provide them with a kit to make Ceremonial Cacao (honey, cardamom, and 20g of Cacao Source make the perfect combination for a loving, delicious, smooth, and nutritious cup of Cacao).

We can schedule a call or video call to enjoy a moment together, opening our hearts to gratitude and love. Physical distances are not truly significant when we have the willingness to be present for those we love. And Cacao is the best facilitator for synchronizing our hearts and opening ourselves to love, even from afar.

This is also an opportunity to add a note of gratitude or an artistic expression of our love.


Remember that Mother's Day or the month of May are merely symbolic opportunities. We can always celebrate motherhood and always demonstrate our love and gratitude.

Ultimately, this is an invitation to connect with our loved ones in rituals of presence and to connect with the loving spirit of Cacao, which is why it has often been referred to as "Mama Cacao.”

If you have more ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us and your communities. We would love to see your photos celebrating love with your mothers. Tag us on Instagram as @cacaosource so we can see them.

Thank you, mothers of Cacao Source! We honor and celebrate you today and every day.

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