12 Major Health and Nutrition Benefits of Cacao
Cacao Super-Food

12 Major Health and Nutrition Benefits of Cacao

Cacao is one of the most complete natural foods available on Earth. Its complex molecular structure provides a variety of cacao benefits. It can be particularly rich, depending how it was grown and transformed. But also depending how and when it is absorbed. 

Its abundant nature is incredibly nourishing for the body and brain. It may help against a variety of ailments, like heart disease and depression. Above all it has been proven to be an impressively complete preventive medicine. 

Cacao medicine is therefore a tricky topic to tackle exhaustively, but here we listed and organized 12 of major cacao benefits. We have fully developed and explained the whole extent of our research and experience in the matter in our Online course, with a full class of 7 videos about Cacao as a medicine. (link: https://sourcecacao.mykajabi.com/self-paced-cacao-source-online-course)

Before we start, you should also know that Cacao’s effects are very strong! The effects will also depend on the amount that you ingest. We suggest no more than 25g/day for a regular consumption with no added sugars, and no more than 45 g for a ceremonial dose, to avoid saturating your system.

Also to be considered, cacao benefits will largely depend on already existing health conditions. For example people that suffer from high blood pressure, hyperthyroiditis or stomach acidity should ingest smaller amounts of Cacao.

Cacao has historically been used as a medicine, understood as a sort of food supplement that may have a wide variety of positive effects on the short and long term. It was actually added to the European pharmacopeia list in 1818.

Here we have classified in 3 categories and 12 main points why Cacao is such a complete food.

12 Major Cacao Benefits

Energy Boost:

We know that the integration of preventive medicine into our daily habits is key for a happy, relaxed and peaceful life. Cacao will be an amazing partner for you to create healthy momentum and habits. It will support your self love initiatives as one of mother nature’s best stimulants– providing the body with a complete and nurturing energy. 

  1. Cacao contains 3 kinds of natural sugars (about 5 to 10% of its mass) and 3 of the natural fats (40% of its mass) that our body needs to function, providing an energizing nutrition.
  2. Cacao is one of the best sources of some of the main minerals needed for the human body. Cacao is the highest source of magnesium, and the highest plant-based source of iron. They provide an energizing contribution in the short term and structural support in the long term, helping with vital functions like blood cell regeneration.
  3. Packed with psychoactive compounds like theobromine and phenethylamine, Cacao’s effect on the brain will support feelings of willingness, joy, fulfillment, and bliss. This is especially true when cacao is enjoyed in a ceremonial context and combined with activities that support its properties and their bioavailability. Therefore Cacao can be a strong ally for reinforcing healthy habits, by associating a positive memory to them.
  4. Cacao increases the heart rate and blood oxygenation. This multiplys the beneficial effects of a variety of healthy activities like dancing, meditation, sex or sport.f

Regeneration :

In the same way that Cacao helps us foster regenerative farming practices with isolated communities, Cacao is an amazing medicine food that provides the body with the material for its regeneration. This will support cell and organ function, and therefore help prevent multiple conditions when combined with the right diet. 

  1. Cacao is one of the highest natural sources of polyphenols– more than tea or blueberries! Polyphenols have been proven to help with cell function, thanks to their antioxidant properties. They help with the processing of free radicals and consequently prevent multiple conditions, like cancer. They are also anti-aging.
  2. Cacao is a brain food: it helps with brain cell regeneration in the long term. This is a great way to prevent multiple detariorations associated with brain cells like degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson.
  3. Cacao is rich in calcium– more than cow’s milk. Calcium is not only necessary for cell, circulatory and muscle function, it is also necessary for bone construction and regeneration
  4. Rich in fibers, Cacao can be beneficial to digestion. It has been observed that it may help with relieving diarrhea and also symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Its polyphenolic content also helps with nourishing our gut’s healthy bacterias flora

Awareness : 

Cacao, when grown, processed, transformed and shared with love, respect and awareness, carries a impressive power of change. Change in our impacts, in our cultures, and in our brain. Our reality is constantly changing, as is the nature of time. We have to adapt constantly and actualize our mindsets to what’s brought to us. Cacao will softly accompany us in that mission.

  1. Cacao contains serotonin and salsolinol: a dopamine composite. These chemicals help our brain and nervous system. They increase feelings of well-being, reward and accomplishment, but also pleasure. Quite a nice push for enjoying life.
  2. Cacao triggers the production of high levels of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that is known as the love hormone because it fosters feelings of connection, empathy, confidence and appreciation. 
  3. Cacao is the highest theobromine provider in nature. This alkaloid is known for its stimulating effect on the nervous system, but it is also a muscle relaxer and a support for our circadian cycle. This means that it helps us with healthy sleeping habits. 
  4. Cacao’s combined effects on blood circulation, the nervous system, and brain activity may help reduce brain fog and support focus

As Alexander Vunhumbolt said, “At no other time has nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the Cacao bean”. It is an incredible gift of nature that in itself may be a guideline to implementing highly beneficial healthy habits that will support your life vessel in a holistic way. Check our online course for much more details and information : https://sourcecacao.mykajabi.com/offers/SCB4yRd5/checkout

Disclaimer:  We are not licensed health professionals. The information gathered and organized here comes from a variety of articles, books and personal experiences we compiled. We have been extremely careful at making sure about the accuracy of the information. Any person suffering from any disease should first consult a licensed health professional before applying to themselves or anybody else any of the information presented here. This is also why we prefer to introduce cacao as a preventive medicine.

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