• Shipment delay

All orders are shipped from Guatemala and processed within 10 to 20 business days, depending on the quantity you ordered. Here are the current lead time:

  • 10 - 50 lbs: 10 business days
  • 50 - 100 lbs: 12 business days
  • 100 - 150 lbs: 15 business days
  • +150 lbs: 20 business days
  • +250 lbs: 30 business days

Typically, if you order 20lbs, we will process your order within 10 business days. Then you will have to add the shipment delay that may vary from one country to another (3–4 days for the USA and Canada, 5–7 days for Europe. For other regions, it can take longer, but it will depend on our transporter.). 

Since we are an artisanal project and rely on a variety of human groups, it happens that orders may take longer. In this case, you will be informed. If you are concerned about timing, email our team prior to ordering, and we may give you a sense of time.

  •   Customs are the customer’s responsibility.

​Customs fees are not included, please be informed about the customs policies of your country before placing your order. Cacao Source is not responsible for customs requirements and actions in your country.

However, we are happy to provide support with our shipment experiences or if we are able to provide the documents required.

  • Shipment delivery

Stay alert to your mailbox until you receive the cacao to ensure you don't miss out on any communication from customs regarding payment or delivery.

Cacao Source will not be able to take responsability for any delivery missed without actions taken and considered refused by the courier. If the cacao is sent back to Guatemala, reexporting will be at the customer's cost.

This being said, if a first delivery fails, reach out to the courier locally (UPS or DHL). Once the cacao is in your country, it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to enable its delivery. This might involve paying taxes, submitting documents requested by customs, and being in touch with the courier for delivery.

  • Shipment goods damaged

So much love is put into each order we process and ship. However, if your cacao arrives damaged, it is possible to make a claim in some circumstances.

You have up to 10 business days to declare damages.

1. Don't throw away any packaging and boxes used for delivery until the case is resolved

2. Send an e-mail indicating the tracking number of your shipment to with the following pictures:

  • Photo of the shipment label (the sheet with the tracking number)
  • Photos of the damaged packaging and product (3pictures minimum). Pictures need to be taken of the goods inside the box to show that they arrived damaged on delivery. Any blocks or products displayed outside the box cannot be the subject of a complaint to our transporter.
  • Provide a brief description of the problem. 

The more information we have, the better and faster we can help you. Thank you  for all the precision given.

Any damage caused by customs can’t be covered.


Cacao Source does not accept returns or refunds. Cacao Source is not responsible and cannot accept returns based on customs fees being too high or being unresponsive to customs requests or shipment delivery. Before ordering, check with your country’s customs authorities.


We accept payments through PayPal, or cash for locally purchased items.


Our mission at Cacao Source is to honour and share cacao. We always welcome new distributors that align with our values. You are welcome to inquire about our distributor program and support at