Cacao Source 

Production Training

 The SECRETS of BEHIND the cacao scene


Our experienced production team has put all there efforts together to bring Cacao Source's transparency mission to the next level! Led by our indigenous team, sharing their knowledge and connection to cacao, you can learn every step of ceremonial cacao production. Leaving no secrets behind, you get to see it all and support our local team. It is an invitation for cacao enthusiasts, space holders and distributors and know exactly what they stand for when sharing cacao.

Next dates: December 4-7, 2024

Visit Cacao Farm

Connection to the cacao origins is always a #1 key offering at Cacao Source. Meet your farmers and connect with them. Ask any questions, put your hand in the soil and harvest a cacao pod. 

Women Collective Immersion

Visit a women collective in San Marcos and witness every step of her work. Peel some cacao with the collective while sharing life stories. 

Cacao Roasting

Learn more about cacao roasting. Support our women collective leaders roasting cacao through an industrial roaster & through fire roasting. Find out more about its differences and your personal preferences.

Cacao Quality controle

How does your cacao taste so good? We have a developed cacao quality control process which allows us to offer you the best cacao. Learn how to test the quality of your cacao.

Single Origin tasting

Become a cacao taster and learn how to profile cacao tastes. Find the different profiles of each single-orgin cacao we offer. Learn about the cacao palette and more!


Discover the history of cacao through the point of view of our local team. They will share their stories and the ones shared by their families.

Cacao Making Workshop

Learn how to work with cacao as an ingredient to drinks. Create different recipes and make your cup of cacao.  

Cacao Circle

Connect to the depth of cacao and intention. Led by our local team members, they will guide you into an intentional space to share cacao.

What makes this course unique

Technical training in cacao production

The program is immersed in the rainforest amid cacao trees and features spacious time to connect.  

Led by our local team

  •  This program is the fruit of our local team. 100% of the revenues go back to them. Teachers are all around us and we need to leave more space for the voices of indigenous people.

Hands-on experience

Emphasis on the hands-on experience of cacao forest stewardship and cacao processing.

Full Transparency

Aligned with Cacao Source's values, we again push transparency to the next level! Nothing is now kept between you and us.

Training Includes

What to expect for the Cacao Source  Training Intensive

Visit of cacao farmers

Bring some hiking boots, we will visit farmers of Spring origin. Learn about the harvest, fermentation and drying process. Listen to the farmers sharing their experiences and connect to the cacao forest.

Women Collective Visit

Visit a home of a local kaqchikel women collective leader. Learn how to do fire roasting, peeling, grinding and molding. Listen to the stories of the leader and connect with the process of cacao.

Technical knowledge 

You will learn about the behind the scenes of cacao making from experts. Leaving with the knowledge and experience that allows you to speak more knowledgeably about your cacao. 


We include all transport from San Marcos la Laguna to any location we visit, lunch is offered everyday, any donations/payment to our collaborators is covered by us generously.

Training do not include


We do not offer accommodation. You can find all-budget types of accommodations in San Marcos la Laguna: hostel, hotels and airbnb. 

Breakfast & Dinner

The course, most days, starts at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm. Between those time, you are responsible of your meals.

Transport to San Marcos la Laguna

San Marcos la Laguna is about 4 hours to the Aurora Airport in Guatemala City. You are responsible to get to San Marcos la Laguna. Our team can guide you with travel options.


Day 1

7 am - 7 pm: Visit Cacao Farm (includes lunch at the farm)

Day 2

9 am - 11 am: Roasting Cacao

11 am - 5 pm: Visit Women Collective (includes lunch at the Women Collective)

Day 3

9 am - 12 pm: History, Production & Quality Controle of cacao

12 pm - 1 pm: Lunch at local comedor

1 pm - 5 pm: Cacao Single Origin tasting & profiling

Day 4

9 am - 12 pm: Cacao brew making workshop

12 pm - 1 pm: Lunch at El Buho

1 pm - 5 pm: Cacao Circle

Cacao Production Taining

When: December 4-7, 2024 (4 days)

San Marcos la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala

How Much
$800 USD for International participants
Q2,500 for Guatemalans
*Scholarship available on requests

This course is offered by our local team members and all funds are managed by them. Thank you for supporting local initiatives!

We ask a $400 non-refundable commitment deposit. 
** If you cancel 1 month + before the training we refund everything except the commitment deposit.
*** If you cancel less than a month before the training, we refund half the payment.
**** If you cancel less than a week before the training, we do not offer refunds. 

The price does not include flights, transport to the San Marcos la Lagune, and personal purchase.