How to Apply for a Cacao Source Program Scholarship  

One of Cacao Source’s core values is inclusivity. The heart of our project has been filled with meaningful and diverse collaborations. We want to reflect this value beyond the cacao production work and directly in our educational programs. 

We highly encourage Guatemalans, BIPOC, or anyone representing a minority group who believes they could make a change by bringing cacao to their community to join us!

Cacao Source is a multicultural team and we would love to see cacao shared in an inclusive, heart-opened, and honorable way. 

In-Person Cacao Training Partial Scholarships 
(Includes: Cacao Source Training Program, Jungle Immersion & Cacao Production Training)

We offer partial scholarships between $200 to $1000 USD for our In-Person Cacao Source training program or Jungle Immersion program. We see a future where cacao unites underrepresented communities together in meaningful gatherings. 
  • The scholarship applies only to dorm rooms or camping.

  • The scholarship only applies to the total price of your chosen program. You cannot combine it with a discount.

  • The scholarship does not include the price of Flights and travel to San Marcos la Laguna (we advise you to research well the total reflective price of your participation to our course before applying)

  • The scholarship aims to support the underprivileged population, especially Guatemalans, please be honest with us and yourself about your financial position (all profits of our programs go back into our social enterprise and support the project, if you can pay full-price, it can have a meaningful impact in Guatemala).

  • If you are granted a scholarship, an ask of 400$ non-refundable deposit is still required to secure your space in the course. 

  • We do not share with anybody scholarship participant’s information. 

  • As a scholarship participant, you are expected to join the program as everyone else, sign a weaver and follow our policies. 

Online Cacao Course Partial & Full Scholarships 

(Includes: up to 7 modules)

We realize we can't offer a full scholarship for in-person training because of its high cost (accommodation, food, transport, farm visit and materials), additionally, not everyone can afford a flight to Guatemala. We therefore decided to offer a full scholarship on our Online Cacao Source Training, so cacao knowledge can be accessible to all. The admission process is the same as the in-person training. Please take the time to send your application and share why this course could be impactful for you and your community. 


Do you qualify and want to make an impact with cacao in your community? 

Send an email to: , Add the following information: 

  • Your Name: 

  • Program and date you are applying for: 

  • Your age: 

  • Your identifying gender: 

  • Country of origin: 

  • First language: 

  • Level of English: 

  • Scholarship needs: (200/500/750/1000 USD): 

  • Community you are representing: 

  • Why would this scholarship be important to you and your community: 

  • Is there any spacial circumstances we should be aware of? 

  • What is your profession? 

  • What is your average annual income?

  • Why do you feel Cacao Source Training would be a good program for you? 

We understand that our course can be a very big investment for you as it includes 1+ week time off, travel to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and a program fee. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the process of making your decision at