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Entre Nubes Origin

The Origin Entre Nubes is produced by a collective under the name FEDECOVERA. Located in the north of Guatemala, FEDECOVERA is a Federation of Cooperatives or second level Cooperative, founded in 1976 made up of 42 first level Cooperatives that in turn are made up of small producers, consequently, FEDECOVERA is owned by small producers organized in First level cooperatives; which makes our business model unique, which integrates social, economic, environmental and inclusive sustainability.

Entre Nubes means 'Between Clouds´ which represents the meaning of Coban and its region in Alta Verapaz, a lush treeitory between mountains and clouds. 


The story behind the cacao beans...  
FEDECOVERA noticed the great potential of Guatemalan cacao beans, especially from the region in which we are located (northern Guatemala), based on their philosophy, they began with the technical team a great effort that took more than 5 years, first evaluate the plantations and identify the best materials, to then organize small farmers and encourage them to improve their agricultural practices and get involved, some of them, in the organic program; As a result of these actions, small producers in the region willing to join the program joined the Alanza Cooperative, R.L., through which they organize the production of this crop under practices that are responsible for the environment; In addition to receiving permanent services from FEDECOVERA, among which we can mention: permanent technical assistance, access to organic agricultural inputs, access to credit, health services, permanent training, among others, in this way added value was achieved to the supply chain by promoting fairer conditions for small farmers, having better quality control, and guaranteeing full traceability.



Type of environnement : The cacao tree is grown in the tropics in a band between 10°C-20°C north and south of the equator. The Cacao Bean is the dried and fully fermented fatty seed of cacao tree fruit.

Region : Alta Verapaz

Land size : 267 hectares

Cacao Trees : 27ha de cacao

Ownership :  2 level Organization - Each farmers have a vote in their cooperative and each cooperative has a vote in FEDECOVERA

Workers  :  33,000 family producers within 43 cooperatives and over 120 associations.

27 ha
Cacao Trees
267 ha
Land Size

Land Stewardship

 The cacao trees of the small associated producers contain ancestral genetic material originating in the Mayan culture, producing a finely aromatic cocoa bean, which we call “Acriollado” for its unique blend of Creole and Trinidadian beans from the cob, cultivated under agroforestry with an organic approach, cacao plantations are in association with forest spices of high commercial value, which guarantees better income and a positive impact to conserve biodiversity.

Origin development

FEDECOVERA takes its origin from the Q’eqchi and Poqomchi cultures which belong to the Ancestral Mayan Culture. Since 1976, FEDECOVERA’s mission is to help its farmers to have better living conditions while always respecting and protecting their culture. All FEDECOVERA’s producers are Q’eqchi or Poqomchi and speak their own language.

Their working methods are inspired by this Mayan culture: the way of cultivating the fields and the way of taking care of the Nature are parts of our History. They have to pay attention to our environment and to give the tools to the farmers to protect the gifts that we received thousands of years ago.

Thank you Entre Nubes Origin!

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Give Back to farmer is an opportunity is value and recognize the hard work of farming communities. This donation will go into a community project co-created with Entre Nubes farmers to support a social or environmental cause in the community. At the end of each year, we will be meeting the farmers with the total donation collected to decide the project to be funded. 

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