Cacao Source Training Program

Connect to the Source of the Magic
22-29 of November

Join us this Autumn in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! We are accepting applications now for the Cacao Source's Training! We will create a container for you to explore your own gifts and how you can bring them into cacao circles wherever you go in life. We will share the secrets of cacao-- everything from where it comes from to how it is processed into a beautiful, heart-opening medicine. You will have the opportunity to connect more deeply to cacao, yourself, and a community of cacao lovers!

The Experience

Our program features:

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A unique curriculum designed to share everything you need to know to bring cacao into the world from your authentic Self

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Daily yoga, meditation, and exercises to connect you to your heart and vision

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A dynamic community of cacao lovers from around the world to support you on your journey

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You will experience:

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The Guatemalan rainforests from where we source our cacao

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The art and elements of ceremony, how to prepare cacao, and how to guide your own ceremony

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The entire process of cacao-- forests and farmer's to women's collectives and grinding-- seeds to ceremony!

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The magic of medicinal, homemade chocolate

You will also learn

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How cacao connects into the Mayan Cosmovision

How cacao connects to a global permaculture vision

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How to integrate cacao into fine gastronomy

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How to create a deeper relationship with the Earth

How to use cacao to facilitate growing community connection

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What is Included


Learning curriculum

You will learn about the history, cultural & environmental aspects of cacao in order to feel confident sharing your knowledge with friends & communiy.


Practical experiences

You will visit 2 of Cacao Source's farms and connect with the origin of the medicine. You will experience a variety of cacao ceremony's and discover cultural & environmental aspect of cacao. 


Community & Activities

Enjoy daily yoga, evening fires, solitude time on the lake & much more! Discover Santiago famous Mayan market. Connect with Cacao Source core team, Mystical Yoga Farm community and 15 other participants.


Food & Accomodation

Spend 7 days living at the beautiful Mystical yoga farm located directly on lake atitlan with a peaceful and communal environment. It includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day. 

The Venue: Mystical Yoga Farm

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Jaguar Journey


When: November 22 - November 29 / 7 nights

Where: Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What: 1-week Cacao Practitioner's retreat with Cacao Source team

How much:   Accommodation options (weekly rate)

Tents: $1200

Dorm room: $1250

Private room: $1350 *** FULLY BOOKED

Found out more about accommodations here

*We offer a Covid-19 friendly 100% refundable option if you may not legally leave your country or Guatemala may not receive you.

** The price does not include flights, transport to the lake (included boat from San Marcos/San Pedro to Mystical Yoga farm) and personal purchase at Santiago Market.

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