All orders are shipped from Guatemala and processed within 7 days.  Typically, you will receive your order within 7-14 business days after the shipment date. Customs fees are not included, please be informed about the customs policies of your country before placing your order, especially for Europeans. Cacao Source is not responsible for customs requirements in your country. Contact us directly for any questions. 


Cacao Source does not accept returns.

No return or refund. Cacao Source is not responsible and cannot accept returns based on customs fees being too high or unresponsive to customs requests. Please check into the fees and requests before ordering.


We do not do return or refund for melted cacao (it happens rarely during the shipment process and does not affect the quality of the cacao), for inconsistent cacao (we offer an artisan cacao produced by women collectives, we do not offer the consistency that a machine may offer) which means the taste and appearance may vary. 

 If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at  so that we can review your concerns.


We accept payments through PayPal, locally purchase or a personal agreement on an alternative way of payments if you email 


Our mission at Cacao Source is to honour & share cacao. We always welcome new distributors that align with our values. You are welcome to inquire about our distributor program and support.