Join our Cacao Practitioner’s Retreat

Step into the Eternal Bliss from Living through the Heart

Connect to the Mayan lands where cacao was first raised to the status of a sacred art. In this unique program, we will celebrate the cycle of cacao, from seeds to ceremony, and all the spaces in between. Each participant is welcomed to share their personal journey with cacao and delve deeper into our cacao community through this Rite of Passage.

Our program features:

A curriculum designed to bring you tools for connecting with your own heart and community

Time for self-study, reflecting, and meditation

A healthy, balanced, mindful, and fun lifestyle

You will experience:

The Guatemalan rainforests from where we source our cacao

The art and elements of ceremony, how to prepare cacao, and how to guide your own ceremony

The entire process of cacao-- forests and farmer's to women's collectives and grinding-- seeds to ceremony!

A right of passage to leading your own cacao ceremonies

You will also learn

How cacao connects into the Mayan Cosmovision

How cacao connects to a global permaculture vision

How to integrate cacao into fine gastronomy

How to create a deeper relationship with the Earth

How to use cacao to facilitate growing community connection

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About Cacao

Preparing cacao 

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San Marcos de Laguna, Guatemala



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