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The cacao found in Guatemala is an incredible medicine that has been nourished for thousands of years by the Mayans and its land itself. When enjoying and being nourished by it, we want to ensure that we give back to the source. To bring abundance, health and respect to the Mayan lands.


With Cacao Source, a percentage of our revenue is redirected to the Give Back to the Source funds and we invite you to contribute as well. Together, we can honour the source of where the cacao we all much enjoy comes from.

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Women Collectives

This fund supports our women collective in times of need. When there is a health issue with one of the women or a member of her family, a new child is brought to life, a crises in the village or material that would support the development and success of their collective, Give Back To The Source will mindfully distribute the funds.

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This fund supports farmers, their practices, the development of their practices and the land itself. It is as well directed towards the development of potential cacao farms to meet the organic criteria and for the regeneration of Guatemala forests. The distribution will be mindfully made in regards to the urgency of the needs.

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The development and accessibility to a sustainable oriented education if Guatemalans. Giving opportunities of scholarship to locals. Bringing new development to our ecoducation center which will aim for the support of the local community. 


The Funds
Where do I desire my donation to go towards?


As Cacao Source operates as a social business and this business may already support our team's work, we are happy to share that 100% of the funds go to the local community or environment with 0 over-head cost. 

Every year we will create a transparent report of the funds journey inside Give Back to the Source foundation with our main goal for the next year. We will as well measure the impact of the donations. This report will be accessible to all and shared with the local community so we may all be informed. 

The foundation is one of the pathways for cacao to honour the medicine of cacao and its source. As we are in service to cacao, we always welcome new ideas to the development of the funds in order to respect optimally the culture, history and Mayan lands.

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How does Cacao Source Gives back?

Cacao Distribution


Online Course

Goes back to the SOURCE



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By supporting Cacao Source's offerings, 10% of your contribution goes to Give Back to the Source foundation without forgetting that fair share practices are used and naturally any contributions to offering will support the work of the farmers and women collectives. 

When supporting an offering, you have the option to add an extra donation to the foundation Give Back to the Source. Each dollars means a lot to the community and the work being done in Guatemala. 

By donating NOW to the fund of your choice or the general fund which will be directed towards the most urgent needs. 

As a cacao ceremonilist, by opening space for your participants to give back to the source at the end of each ceremonies. 

As a cacao distributor, by offering a % of your profit back to the source.

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