Bring Cacao Source's knowledge to your community

The 3 partners of Cacao Source made their full-time purpose to enrich their knowledge optimally in order to honour and share cacao. We offer your community and your online/in-person conferences about cacao that are tailored to your curriculum. Education is a big part of our methodology. The world of cacao allows you to better understand the rainforest, regenerative agriculture, social business structure, g international crisis, medicinal allies, health journey, spiritual paths, history and so much more. A conference or workshop/class from Cacao Source is a way to deepen your understanding of the world of cacao & how it is transforming the world.

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Cacao fascinates you and you would like for your community and yourself to learn about its influence in the world? Cacao Source may offer you a dive in the world of this uprising medicine.

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Your giving an online course and would love to deepen the course with educational knowledge on the subject of cacao? 

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You want to offer a workshop about one of our cacao themes during your retreat/ online retreat? We can costumise a workshop for you and the needs of your group. 

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How can I request a conference?

Send us an email with the details of your request:


- Name

- Community you want to share with

- Dates

- Subject

- Duration

- Budget

Our team will we happy to be in communication with you.